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Info Mainstream media finally realizing 3D printing could spur global revolutions

As someone who routinely considers the future ramifications of present-day trends, I’m always astonished when people are reluctant to acknowledge obvious trends. As I have begun to share here on Natural News in recent articles, 3D printing is rapidly taking shape as a revolutionary technology for liberty and freedom, but relatively few people are able to see that yet.

I see the implications of 3D printing revolution as clear as day, and over the last several months I’ve taken it upon myself to become extremely well-versed in a 3D design software product called Solidworks from Dassault Systems ( I’ve also purchased four 3D printers (so far), printed hundreds of objects and tested nearly every filament available today.

In just a few short weeks, I’ll be unveiling breakthrough new technology on that will be freely distributed as downloadable files that people can print on their own 3D printers. This effort combines open source grassroots file sharing with revolutionary self-reliance “low tech” technology that will be widely embraced and shared all around the world.

As this is all taking shape, there are still some people who just don’t get it. They think 3D printing is a “gimmick” that can only be used to print holiday decorations and cookie cutters. What they don’t yet realize is that people like Cody Wilson have already successfully designed and shared functional firearms receivers that can fire live ammo ( This is not a gimmick. In fact, it was taken so seriously that top federal officials in the U.S. government freaked out and threatened Defense Distributed with criminal prosecutions.

Here’s what else people don’t yet understand: What I’m about to release are functional 3D printable inventions that have never existed before on our planet. These are unique devices based on innovative geometry that can only be printed via an additive manufacturing technology such as 3D printing — a technology that builds layer upon layer in a vertical Z-axis arrangement. The resulting parts that I’m about to release can be assembled and used in non-electric systems that create astonishing abundance without using any motors, gears or electricity. Sign up at to receive the official announcements which will start rolling out mid-February, according to the current schedule.

3D printing to “revolutionize war” says AFP

The reason I mention all this is because the AFP wire service recently put out a fascinating story entitled 3D printing could revolutionise war and foreign policy.

You can read the story at [1]

The opening paragraph summarizes the stunning realization that’s now starting to sink in across mainstream thinkers:

3D printing will revolutionise war and foreign policy, say experts, not only by making possible incredible new designs but by turning the defence industry — and possibly the entire global economy — on its head.

The story goes on to explain just one “oh wow” realization in all this:

But the real revolution of 3D printing is less about the things you can make and more about where you make them. Being able to take printers to a warzone promises a radical shake-up of combat and the defence industry…

What this is referring to is the ability of soldiers on the battlefield to use frontline additive manufacturing units to churn out the physical objects they need to fight the war. Replace the word “soldiers” with “revolutionaries” and you come to realize just how much 3D printing might also be used everywhere around the world to put practical objects into the hands of people who are tied to a decentralized, distributed network (for good or bad, depending on the group). The implications in medicine, agriculture, security, exports and manufacturing are enormous. This will even heavily impact retail establishments like Wal-Mart.

Making complex, expensive objects obsolete

But let’s step back from war for a minute and think about what else is now possible with 3D printing. In some of my own designs, I have created objects with internal water paths that would be impossible to manufacture using drilling, injection molding or vacuum forming manufacturing techniques.

One of the objects I’ve designed can be printed for less than $1 in filament and yet replaces a far more expensive and complex part that typically requires metal parts and toxic manufacturing chemicals. YOU will be able to download this object file for free and print it yourself in just a few weeks. Consider the ramifications of this…

“[E]conomies that rely on cheap factory labour to make things like clothes and toys may find themselves in deep trouble,” says the AFP article. Indeed, 3D printing will eventually make a very large sector of retail sales utterly obsolete. As a great example of this, when I recently purchased the FlashForge 3D printer, I found that the spool holders on the back of the printer were too large to fit the smaller spool holes in the spools for the t-glase filament that I was using. So what did I do? I quickly designed a replacement spool holder and printer it using Colorfabb XT material, and it’s now holding the t-glase spool. Instead of buying this part, I simply made it myself.

And just to show you I’m not making this up — because there are always naysayers who can’t believe anything they didn’t imagine first — here’s a photo of what I just described, exactly as it is currently installed in my 3D printing lab:

The black object in the photo is the original spool holder that comes with the printer. The white object is the custom spool holder I designed (in about two minutes) and printed (in about an hour). Inside that is a 1/2-inch PEX pipe that I’m using as a spool rod. The t-glase filament spool is in the background.

3D printing allows you to think of an object and then create it, bringing it into the physical world in a matter of minutes or hours. This technology has revolutionized my own thinking about what’s possible. It has given me a new tool to use for mass empowerment of the People in a world where corrupt governments and evil corporations are desperately trying to take away your power.

3D printing changes all the rules

The best way to think about 3D printing is that it changes the rules of the game. 3D printing is a so-called “disruptive technology,” in much the same way that the invention of the musket was a disruptive technology that spurred a whole new age of revolutions and egalitarian systems of common law (i.e. democracy). When power is distributed into the hands of many (instead of concentrated in the hands of the few), freedom naturally follows. That’s why 3D printing is such a freedom-promoting technology… and it’s also why the criminally corrupt governments of the world are so freaked out about 3D printers and are desperately working on ways to try to outlaw the printing of certain objects.

The full picture in all this will all become much clearer after I release my upcoming inventions at

Here’s a picture of one of the actual prints taking place on a FlashForge printer in my lab:

After my Food Rising releases, it will be abundantly obvious to a whole new wave of people that 3D printing is a game changer on a whole new level. The practicality of the items that can be created with this technology is far, FAR beyond what most people are doing with it right now.

This AFP article finally nails it, saying ” The full implications are still hard to imagine.”

“It’s the first time in a very long time that there’s been such a radical shake up in industrial engineering,” says Stevens at BAE. “We’re not just improving things — we’re re-writing the rule book.”

That’s exactly my point. It’s refreshing, in fact, to see a mainstream media article that actually “gets it.”


Now Biotech CEO says company technology to create unnatural beings will end up killing everyone

The same Duke University graduate who recently told an audience of scientists in Austria that every living thing is intrinsically flawed and in need of genetic modification is back in the news after announcing plans to one day grant ordinary people the opportunity to create their own fake organisms from the comfort of their own homes.

Cambrian Genomics CEO Austen Heinz envisions a future where nothing is natural and everything is created in a laboratory using synthetic DNA strands imprinted on glass slides. This maniacal concept is somehow idyllic to Heinz, who relishes in the idea that one day humanity might be able to do away with, well, humanity, and all other life for that matter.

Heinz openly admits that his harebrained and reckless visions for the future could end up “killing everyone” on the planet, but he doesn’t really seem to care. Democratizing creation, as he likes to put it, is at the forefront of what his company is fomenting throughout the world, and it’s something that Heinz has been working towards for many years.

Heinz wants DNA creation and synthetic life to be completely unregulated

The plan is to make DNA printing, a technology Heinz personally developed while studying electrical engineering and computer science as part of his doctorate program in South Korea, available to everyone. For just a few cents per DNA letter, anyone will be able to manufacture synthetic life as they personally see fit.

Cambrian is already doing this type of work for pharmaceutical giants like Roche and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), but eventually the company hopes to extend this technology to the common man. Parents might eventually have the option to create designer babies in a lab, for instance, or generate pets and houseplants to accommodate their lifestyles.

The only thing standing in the way is all that pesky regulation, which in a perfect world would protect the biosphere against such sadistic meddling. But Heinz hopes to do away with all regulation, which he admits is not in the best interests of what his company is trying to accomplish.

“We wouldn’t want the industry to be regulated,” he openly stated to the “So, ‘How do we democratize creation without killing everyone?’ is basically the question.”

Creating synthetic life on DNA plates akin to eugenics

All of this might seem like utter lunacy, but there are actually financial backers out there willing to support these and other vain attempts by deranged visionaries to play God. A startup known as “Glowing Plant,” for example, raised more than $480,000 on Kickstarter for a genetically modified (GM), glow-in-the-dark plant concept that it hatched before eventually being kicked off the site.

Cambrian has raised even more money, gaining $10 million from more than 120 private investors, according to SFGate, including Peter Thiel’s venture firm Founders Fund. All of these investors believe in Heinz’s ideas, as vile as they are, and with enough financial backing they could one day become the new norm.

“We have to take seriously people like Austen Heinz who say they want to modify future generations of human beings and upgrade the human species,” said Marcy Darnovsky, executive director of the Center for Genetics and Society, a bioethics watchdog group based out of Berkeley, California. What Heinz is proposing is legitimized eugenics, a term to which he objects but that substantiates every aspect of what he’s trying to do.

“I think that technical project is far more complicated than they acknowledge,” Darnovsky added. “Nonetheless, their story about what we should be striving for as human beings, as a society, I think is very troubling.”


Now Natural News to unveil revolutionary water filtration and water conservation breakthrough technology in 7 days makes bottled water obsolete

As California suffers under brutal “Third World” drought conditions that are crushing the state’s agricultural economy, Natural News is set to unveil a revolutionary new technology that makes bottled water instantly obsolete.

This technology was not developed here at Natural News; it’s something we are merely helping announce to the world because it’s so desperately needed for our world right now. This breakthrough allows you to eliminate nearly all toxins, heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, glyphosate and other toxins from your water, right in your own kitchen, for mere pennies a gallon.

Most astonishingly, it accomplishes this without wasting water like reverse osmosis units do. All known RO processes — including those used by Pepsi and Coke to bottle their water products — waste a tremendous amount of water as they produce clean water. Given the extreme droughts now hammering California, North Texas and many areas around the world, humanity no longer has the luxury of wasting fresh water.

If we want to live in a world that has any fresh water left at all, we must find ways to conserve water while we purify it, and that’s exactly what this revolutionary breakthrough accomplishes, as you’ll see below.

I’ve been testing the prototype for six months in my ICP-MS laboratory

Over the last six months, I’ve had my hands on one the very first functioning prototypes of this breakthrough invention. In my heavy metals testing via our Agilent 7700X ICP-MS instrument, I have documented over and over again how this unit removes virtually ALL toxic elements from water, achieving reductions that come very close to 100%. (I actually mixed up a highly toxic brew of calibrated heavy metals contaminants and hexavalent chromium — NASTY stuff. This unit took the levels down from high parts per million to single-digit parts per billion — essentially ZERO.)

As stated above, I am not the inventor of this product, and we aren’t selling it. But as an inventor of other breakthroughs such as Cesium Eliminator and Heavy Metals Defense, I can appreciate the brilliance of this device and the absolute genius of the method it uses to purify water. (Wish I had thought of this myself…)

I can’t yet reveal exactly what this is — that news will come in 7 days — but I can tell you what it isn’t:

• It’s not a gravity water filter. This device uses a small amount of electricity to purify water very quickly: in minutes rather than hours.

• It’s not something you print with a 3D printer. I want to mention this up front because many people know I am on the verge of announcing my 3D-printable arsenic removal device, but that’s a completely separate breakthrough to be announced on another day.

• It doesn’t use colloidal silver, colloidal gold, or any “woo woo” powers. This unit functions based on well-established laws of physics. You don’t have to wave magic wands over it to make it work, in other words… (thank goodness, because my magic wand ran out of magic last week and I don’t know how to recharge my wand… Viagra, perhaps?)

• It’s not something you add to water to purify it. In other words, it’s not iodine drops, or MMS, or anything like that.

• It’s not something you have to build. This will be made available in a ready-to-use format that you can use immediately.

• It purifies water very rapidly. I haven’t measured the actual liters / hour production of it, but it’s very fast: You can actually SEE the water level rising in the reservoir as it functions. It’s also very quiet, almost silent.

• It works on any source of tap water or even rain water. It does not, however, work on murky water, slimy water or swamp water in general. You would need to pre-filter that first.

• It does NOT desalinate water, so you cannot use it to turn ocean water into drinking water, FYI.

• Is NOT available anywhere at retail, not even Almost no one has even heard of this technology yet. Even Natural News has no plans to sell this device. (We will tell you, instead, where to get it.)

• Yes, the breakthrough technology is patented. Not by me, but by its inventor. I was told this has been years in the making and is expected to take the water filtration market by storm.

Why you still need a Big Berkey

By the way, don’t take this as meaning you don’t also need a Big Berkey. As I documented on the Big Berkey is the most effective gravity water filter sold today. You still need one of these because you need a backup way to filter water if the power grid fails. (You know, from a storm, an EMP weapon attack, an outbreak of war, or whatever.)

But for day-to-day use, we all know the Big Berkey just happens to be really slow to filter water. That’s by design, actually: if the water moves through it too quickly, then it’s not doing a good job. After all, the Berkey filters water at atmospheric pressure.

This new breakthrough device I’m about to announce has its own small pump which pressurizes the water purification process, speeding it up by a factor of maybe 100X. (I’ll get the spec for you on this…)

Stop drinking wasteful bottled tap water from PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Nestle

If you ask anyone informed about the real world, they’ll tell you that Nestle is arguably the most “evil” corporation when it comes to exploiting and wasting water resources. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are also wasting untold millions of gallons of water in their water bottling operations (which also create thousands of tons of plastic landfill as a side effect, harming the planet).

If you are drinking bottled water from these corporations, you are contributing to the destruction of the environment and the wasteful exploitation of water resources. It’s time to stop such practices and find a better solution.

This new breakthrough water purification technology allows you to ditch the water bottles and stop wasting water during the purification process. You’ll produce better-than-bottled water at a mere fraction of the price: pennies per gallon instead of dollars per bottle.

Did you know that Nestle, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola just filter tap water and bottle it? (Or, as described in Idiocracy, “Toilet water!”)

They also spike their filtered water with trace minerals to try to remineralize the tap water and make it taste better. With this breakthrough device, you can achieve far better results at home for mere pennies a gallon. In fact, here’s my recipe for remineralizing purified water:

1) First, purify the water.
2) Next, add 2-3 drops of organic white vinegar per 8 oz. of water.
3) Finally, drop in a very small number of Himalayan Salt crystals and stir.

You now have remineralized water for a fraction of a penny! All sea salt, by the way, which includes Himalayan Salt (an ancient sea bed deposit) contains a very high concentration of magnesium. There’s no need to pay some globalist corporation to make this for you when it’s so incredibly easy to do it yourself.

Purchase Himalayan Sea Salt at any local health food store, or find it at the Natural News Store.

Stay tuned to Natural News for full details of this breakthrough announcement in 7 days. This is all part of our commitment to bringing you real, practical solutions all year long. This is the kind of breakthrough that can save you money, help save the planet and save water at the same time. That’s why I’m confident every single person will want one of these.


Now Tesla CEO Google robots threaten to annihilate human race

He’s a brilliant innovator whose fortunes came about as a result of ahead-of-their-time technological advancements that many said couldn’t be done. But Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is deeply concerned about some of Google’s latest technological endeavors, which he believes could eventually wipe out humanity.

In the new biography Elon Musk, by Ashlee Vance, Musk warns that artificially intelligent (AI) robots, which Google has been throwing quite a bit of money at in recent days, have a strong propensity to turn evil. And as the technology becomes more refined, the potential for AI robots to outwit humans inches closer towards reality.

“I’m really worried about this,” Musk states in the book. “This,” he explains, referring to Google co-founder Larry Page’s efforts to develop AI robots for some unknown purpose, “could produce something evil by accident.”

According to The New York Times, Google purchased some seven different technology companies in the second half of 2013 that it plans to use in the development of AI robots. The company’s Palo Alto office, in fact, features two life-size humanoid robots hanging suspended from the ceiling, a monument to where the company is headed.

“We do have lots of proof points that one can create intelligent things in the world because– all of us around,” stated Page at a recent KV CEO Summit. “Therefore, you should presume that someday, we will be able to make machines that can reason, think and do things better than we can.”

Logistics giant Amazon has already begun pioneering this concept with its pilotless drone concept, known as Amazon Prime Air, which the company says will eventually have the capacity to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using “small unmanned aerial vehicles.”

US government already promoting Google’s “Atlas” robot as future of AI technology

The Pentagon earlier this year also unveiled a Google humanoid robot known as “Atlas” that’s capable of moving its wrists and opening doors without having to move its entire arms. The machine, which stands tall at six feet, two inches, can operate without power cords and is capable of walking, climbing stairs and using various tools.

You can see the “Atlas” robot in action here:

It’s the type of doomsday scenario depicted in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous Terminator films, except now such robots are becoming a reality. As you’ll notice, Google’s Atlas robot actually looks eerily similar to the T-800 Terminator robot from the Terminator movies — coincidence?

Mark Dice wrote all about AI robots in his 2005 book The Resistance Manifesto which predicted, among other things, that AI robots would eventually take over the world and destroy humanity. Dice was mocked for writing this 10 years ago, but what he predicted now appears to be coming true.

Our own Mike Adams also warned about the emergence of human-killing AI robots back in 2012. Artificial intelligence, Adams forewarned, threatens the survival of the human race in that it can be coupled with killer drone hardware to target individuals without a human operator. One solution, he says, is to promote a universal ethic that values human life.

“Develop and TEACH a scientific creed of serving humanity, protecting life and operating with ethics,” Adams suggested as a solution for stopping this “dangerous science” before it kills us all. “Require all scientists to sign and swear an allegiance to the creed.”

The Google Android platform, as well as Apple’s Siri functionality, are both AI technology prototypes as well. Apple’s Siri, it turns out, was originally hatched as a “human archetype” for Apple smartphones that’s capable of learning and obeying commands through voice activation.